Cinedans - Cunningham's Antic Meet

Merce Cunningham’s Antic Meet put to the test prevailing ideas about modern dance, with striking and defining roles for Robert Rauschenberg’s iconic costumes and the music of John Cage.

Theatre maker, artist and researcher Marloeke van der Vlugt was inspired by Cunningham’s 1958 choreography to make her installation CHAIR_JUMP_CHUTE. Previous interactive and performative pieces by Van der Vlugt responded to the sensitive dialogue between dance and costume in the work of choreographers such as Loie Fuller, Martha Graham and Oskar Schlemmer.

The artist discusses how her installations come about in her recent book Performance as Interface | Interface as Performance. Zeynep Gündüz’s conversation with her will cover subjects explored in the book and Arne Arnbom’s unique 1964 film recording of Antic Meet.

See and experience CHAIR_JUMP_CHUTE throughout the festival in EYE’s Arena hall.