Cinedans - Dancing Virtual Reality

Cinedans closely follows the latest developments in new media and innovative forms of presentation. Virtual Reality is a technology that invites experimentation. Triggered by the physical components of VR, makers create work on the border of film and performance.

How can VR be used in meaningful ways and how does one create an immersive experience? How does technology add to the experience of dance? On the first day of the festival, Cinedans hosts a whole afternoon about Virtual Reality. The seats in EYE 2 will be removed to transform the space into an open marketplace.

Makers show and test their innovative projects and speakers from different disciplines share their views and experiences. Additionally, Cinedans will host interviews, spoken columns and news about the importance of new technologies for dance. The results and findings of  the previous VR-LAB, organised by Cinedans, Beamlab, Dansmakers and Canon will be shared this afternoon.

Dancing Virtual Reality has an open set-up and continuous programming. The audience can walk in and out. Come in, experience and share your views!

More information about the agenda of Dancing Virtual Reality can be found on our website and at the Cinedans desk at the festival.