Cinedans - De Wolf Danst!

Het Mediafonds, NTR, het Nederlands Filmfonds en Cinedans initiated the interdisciplinary dance film project De Wolf Danst!: A combination of an independent dance film and an artistically inspiring documentary. The four selected projects will be festively premiered during Cinedans, including voguing performances by House of Vineyard.

VLUCHT | NL | 2018 | 12’ [première]


In the past, editor Wiam Al-Zabari and choreographer Krisztina de Châtel both had to escape from their country of origin. With Vlucht (Flight) they create empathy for how it feels to have to leave your country behind. A group of dancers flees from a typically Dutch village and escapes through woods and dunes to the sea. Nature turns out to be an unpredictable adversary in their search for freedom and safety.


DANCE OR DIE | NL | 2018 | 54’ [première]




Young Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh experienced his hometown Damascus not merely as a war-torn city, but as a stage. To show the tragic state of his country he danced on piles of rubble. When the chance came, Joudeh fled his country of birth. The dancer has now lived in the Netherlands for one and a half years, studying at the National Ballet Academy. He performs on national and international stages. Yet still he struggles with his new life. He misses his family, who remains in Syria. The pressure to make it here is very high. Which price does Ahmad pay for his newfound freedom?

OTHERLAND | NL | 2018 | 13’ [première]

Director: JAN PIETER TUINSTRA - Choreographer: KEREN LEVI

A young Vogue dancer performs for the first time at a Voodoo Carnival Ball. An important dance battle where he has to prove himself to be accepted by his peers. He remembers his youth on Sint Maarten and the changes he has been through since then. The freedom that he longed for seems to be at arms reach. A story based on the biographical story of Elvin Elejandro Locadia.

MOTHER’S BALLS | NL | 2018 | 48’ [première]


Amber Vineyard grew up in a strict American family. Her particular creative expressions were looked upon with ire. When she moved to the Netherlands with her mother at fifteen, she found her freedom of expression within the walls of the ballroom culture. With 'House of Vineyard', she created the Netherlands' first ballroom 'house', a haven for those seeking the same kind of freedom. With their extravagant performances, her 'kids' embraces and celebrates the LGBTQI+ movement, now placing the practices of voguing and the phenomenon of the ballroom on an international stage.