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Cinedans - Largo & Paralysis

Largo sees Karel van Laere continue his exploration of the fragility of human body. Using an electric hoist he drags himself through the modern landscape of the Netherlands. He confronts the defenceless human body with our hectic society in a simultaneously dreamlike and light-hearted film. The images are accompanied by snatches of interviews with people who have been paralysed their entire life.

In order to truly understand what it means to be unable to move Van Laere had himself tied to a table top for twenty-four hours. This preliminary research was filmed and, for the final two hours, open to the public.

To accompany this premiere of Largo Karel van Laere will talk about his work and also screen Paralysis, the film documentation of his preliminary research.

Karel van Laere is a filmmaker and performer. His previous project SLow won the 2014 Cinedans Audience Award.