• Cinedans - Louise Lecavalier: In Motion
  • Cinedans - Louise Lecavalier: In Motion
  • Cinedans - Louise Lecavalier: In Motion
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Cinedans - Louise Lecavalier: In Motion

Louise Lecavalier caused a revolution in dance during the ‘80s with the Canadian group La La La Human Steps and choreographer Édouard Lock. Following a period with David Bowie, she is now a world famous choreographer.

In Motion portrays Lecavalier’s current work and life; how she creates, how she dances and performs with never-ending energy and curiosity while defying all concepts of age.

The award-winning short Offground, a Point Taken film by Boudewijn Koole and Jakop Ahlbom starring Louise Lecavalier, will introduce the documentary.

This programme is being presented in collaboration with the International Theater Amsterdam.

[source: Cinedans]

A combination ticket at a reduced price is available for the following screenings on 10 March:
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