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Cinedans - Premiere Symmetry

Straight after Point Taken there will be yet another Dutch premiere, of Symmetry by Ruben van Leer. Following on from this, Symmetry Unravelled will explore the background and making of the film.


ENG | 2015 | 28’ - premiere, director RUBEN VAN LEER, choreographer LUKÁŠ TIMULAK, soprano CLARON MACFADDEN, music JOEP FRANSSENS and HENRY VEGA

Symmetry is a dance and opera film set in the particle accelerator machine run in Geneva by CERN, the world’s largest scientific institute. Researcher Lukas gets out of balance while working on the theory of everything and the smallest elementary particles. He rediscovers love through the voice of Claron and she takes him back to the moment of the big bang, when everything was symmetrical and before the existence of time. A story of eternal love…


ENG | 2015 | 24’ - premiere, director JULIETTE STEVENS

Symmetry Unravelled takes the viewer on a journey, behind the scenes of Symmetry, from deep underground in CERN’s large hadron collider to way above sea level on the magnificent salt plains of Bolivia. Leading scientists and the artists involved in the project explore the relationship between art and science.

With physicists Robbert Dijkgraaf, Michael Doser & John Ellis, opera singer Claron McFadden and dancers Lukáš Timulak & Celia Amade.