Cinema Egzotik: Early de Palma Night

In the 1970s Martin Scorsese became friends with the Movie Brats of the seventies: Brian De Palma, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Robert De Niro, with whom Scorsese would go on to make Mean Streets (1973), was first introduced to Scorsese by De Palma. Both filmmaker and actor broke through internationally with this film. These two films are also programmed as part of the Cinema Erotica programme.

Sisters Brian De Palma (US 1972) 93’

De Palma’s first thriller is a frightening and elegant ode to feminine destructive powers and the phenomenon of voyeurism, featuring split-screen effects, bloody birthday cakes and a chilling score by Hitchcock’s regular composer Bernard Herrmann. With Margot Kidder and Jennifer Salt.

Obsession Brian De Palma (US 1976) 98’

A Doppelgänger drama about a man who thinks he recognizes his wife who was kidnapped many years before. A tribute to Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Bernard Herrmann’s score adds to the comparison, but the use of violence is vintage De Palma. With Geneviève Bujold and John Lithgow.

Screening on 35mm, copy from EYE’s Collection.