Cinemini: Eendjes van papier

Three special and beautifully produced short films starring paper ducks. Two of them were made in the Shanghai Animation Film Studio, one of China’s oldest and largest animation studios.

Children aged 2-6 can experience their first cinema visit in EYE’s finest and cosiest film theatre. Every Sunday EYE presents special short animated films in its Cinemini theatre, many of which are taken from EYE’s rich collection. Today:

Little Duckling Yaya

(Yu Zheguang 1980, 11', no dialogue)

Ten eggs are hatched without their mother knowing about it. The ten ducklings, one of which is different from the rest, set about exploring the pond. Everything appears to be nice and quiet, but then a nasty fox approaches. Together the ducklings bravely face the lurking danger. Made in the Shanghai Animation Film Studio, one of China’s oldest and largest animation studios.

Three Clever Little Ducks

(Yu Zheguang, 1960, 8', no dialogue)

Three adventurous little ducks decide to go butterfly hunting. They happen to wake up the big cat, but they manage to scare it off with a clever trick. Made in the Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

The Happy Duckling

(Gili Dolev, Scotland, 2009, 9', no dialogue)

In this Scottish film set in a pop-up book, a duck stalks a little boy. The boy doesn’t want to know about the duck and runs off.  There’s a surprise in store behind every page that is turned. The score is by Mick Cooke (Belle and Sebastian).


for 25 Mar 2018 10:30

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