Cinemini: Op reis door de wereld

Eye’s Cinemini theatre welcomes pre-schoolers and their parents. Every Sunday children between 2 and 6 can watch animated films and play, with their parents close by. This time five short stories in which animals, children and drawn figures discover the world around them.

‘Travelling around the world' features the following short animated films:

Pawo (Antje Heyn, DE 2015, 8')
Pawo (Tibetan for ‘brave’) tells the magical adventures of a little toy figure caught in a strange world. She gradually becomes aware of her special powers thanks to a few extraordinary companions.

My Happy End (Milan Vitanov, DE 2007, 5’)
An upbeat cut-out animation about a dog trying to catch his own tail.

Ik de jouwe, jij de mijne (Silvie Zijlmans, NL 2005) 
A boy with brown curly hair is smiling and looking at the other boy who’s got very fair hair. Very slowly their heads come together. The blond boy wants to act a little tough, but he’s also shy. Their foreheads touch. Slowly the blond boy’s light colour slides over the other boy’s nose and cheeks, and vice versa.

Trampoline (Maarten Koopman, NL 2013, 3')
The frame of a projection screen becomes a trampoline where people and animals play and have fun. As we watch their capers from under the trampoline, things suddenly take an unexpected turn.

Dodu - The Cardboard Boy (José Miguel Ribeiro, PO 2010)
Dodu the cardboard boy and his ladybird friend go on exciting adventures. The sea, the moon, the boat in which they sail, everything is made of cardboard.

for 18 Nov 2018 10:30