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Cinemini: The Gruffalo

This month we present The Gruffalo in Eye's Cinemini theatre specially designed for our youngest viewers. A brave little mouse thinks of something really clever to keep the big scary animals in the wood at bay. As it happens, there are quite a few animals in the wood that think the mouse would be a really nice bite to eat… Fortunately, the quiet narrator’s voice makes everybody feel at ease!

The mouse thinks up a big beast with prickles on its back, huge fangs and a wart on its nose. This is how the little mouse manages to scare off the animals. But then the Gruffalo really does turn up….

bumping into a tree

As the Gruffalo prepares to eat the mouse, he warns the Gruffalo he is actually the scariest animal in the wood. The Gruffalo walks into the wood with the mouse, but panics and runs off. When he bumps into a tree, a nut falls out. It’s just what the mouse was looking for: a bite to eat.

The film is based on the children’s book of the same name. The story of the mouse and the Gruffalo is told by a quiet narrator’s voice. It’s the voice of a mother squirrel telling her children a bedtime story. The vocabulary is simple and the rhyme flows easily, as it does in the book.