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Cosmos Within Us

Tupac Martir’s live cinema performance Cosmos Within Us was the hit of the virtual reality section of the 2019 Venice Film Festival, went on to win the 2019 ‘Spirit of Raindance’ Immersive Award. Tupac Martir previously made visuals for live shows by Elton John, Sting and Beyoncé. He appeals to all senses with his disorientating Cosmos Within Us , causing you to experience the same sort of disorientation and confusion as someone suffering from memory loss. Cosmos Within Us is developed in collaboration with VR Days Europe.

Cosmos Within Us is a daring story-telling experiment which blurs the boundaries between VR and performance. Through a combination of state-of-the-art tech and live music, voice over, scent and touch, the piece explores the intricate connection between memory and the senses.

Cosmos Within Us was created to deliver a sense of hope and understanding to anyone affected by memory loss. With advancements in VR, we strive to remember the forgotten.

dwindling mind

The story draws us inside the mind of Aiken, a 60-year-old man desperately trying to hold on to his childhood memories. Aiken suffers from Alzheimer - and his struggle is one against a dwindling mind, against time, against final loss.

As Aiken wanders through the spaces of his past, they shape-shift as if in a state of constant re-construction inside his fragmented brain. He re-lives time spent during summer holidays with his beloved sister Lily, and meaningful family moments. But there is something at the very back of his consciousness, concealed in oblivion, waiting to be re-lived and re-felt. This is the one memory he’s trying to forget.

human memory

At its very core the technology behind Cosmos Within Us takes an artistic approach towards exploring on what it is that stirs and stimulates human memory.

Sound - By spatialising and layering sound, working with psychoacoustics, as well as live musicians and voice over artist, the piece acknowledges existing research that has detected connections between music therapy and improvements in those suffering from dementia.

Scent - Among the five senses, smell has the strongest and most direct connection to memory. In collaboration with olfactory designer Nicola Pozzani, the piece places scents throughout the VR experience to drive the story by “triggering” the protagonist’s memories.

DisorientationThe world of Aiken’s memories maps out the realms of his past according to emotions they inspire in him. Of his childhood home Aiken recalls only fragments which leads to the sense of disorientation and confusion that goes hand in hand with memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

about Tupac Martir

Tupac’s background in painting has helped him achieve mastery in the use of colour and strong development of a visual language. He developed an expertise for lighting and set design creating the visuals for live performances worldwide in collaboration with musical artists such as Elton John, Sting, and Beyoncé, to name a few. 

Ever curious to learn from his collaborators, Tupac has enjoyed his mentorship position at the Venice College Cinema for three consecutive years, both sharing his knowledge and learning a great deal from those attending the course.


Cosmos Within Us (Tupac Martir, 45', 2019) is performed live on 12 November: at 17.00 ad at 21.15 in cinema 2. The director is present. The 21.15 performance is followed by an extended Q&A afterwards, with Michel Reilhac moderating. Reilhac is a VR pioneer and curator of the Virtual Reality programma of the Venice Biennale International Film Festival.

collaboration with Church of VR

The evening is programmed in collaboration with Church of VR - VR Days Europe, a three day symposion and exhibition of VR, Augmented and Mixed Reality. This is the fifth edition of the VR Days, that brings together experts from the whole world in workshops, seminars and lectures. The project was first worked on during the European Creators' Lab in 2017. The Creators' Lab from VR Days Europe (in collaboration with the Bayerische Filmzentrum) stimulates the development of VR works.

The film you are looking for was shown in EYE in a past programme.
Sorry we can’t help you out. But as a lover of classics, genre and arthouse film we invite you to have a look at what is on view now.
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