Dag van de korte film (Kids)

The Day of the Short Film is celebrated on the shortest days of the year. Our ‘Little Friends’ programme offers an imaginative selection of the finest animated films for children from the age of 4. ‘Little Friends’ includes the best European short films from seven different countries. Watch out for a hungry weasel, a retired donkey and a very merry bear ….


Some Logic
Rop van Mierlo, The Netherlands, 2014, 1’, animation 
An animation based on the watercolour paintings in Rop van Mierlo’s Some Logic. The artist created a wonderful parade of animals in all colours and shapes. With music by Young Marco.

Timon Leder, Slovenia, 2016,  12’, animation 
A hungry weasel has set his eyes on a flock of birds living in the only tree to be found within miles. The birds are trying to balance the tree as it dangerously tips over when the Weasel climbs up. The birds panic when the Weasel finally manages to get to the top. When things appear to be at their worst, something unexpected happens.

Good Morning Moon 
Christoph Brehme, Italiy, 2015, 4’, animation 
One evening Mr Richmond, a retired elderly hedgehog, decides he wants to see a film. He likes going to the cinema, but he has never seen anything like the film he’s watching that night. The film will change his life and that of others.

Two Friends 
Natalia Chernysheva, France, 2016, 4’, animation 
Two friends, a caterpillar and a tadpole, grow up in two different environments.

Easygoing Teddy
Tomislav Gregl, Croatia, 2017, 8’, animation 
Easy-going Teddy is a very merry bear who’s not too fussy about the rules in the forest. One day he rescues a bee in trouble and finds a friend for life.

Zepe José Pedro Cavalheiro and Humberto Santana, Portugal, 2011, 2’, animation 
Ginjas and a group of awkward birds make a fine mess of things.

Teeny Weeny Fox
Sylwia Szkiladz en Aline Quertain, France, 2015, 9’, animation 
A teeny weeny fox meets a bold young girl in the middle of a miraculous garden. The little girl can grow giant plants, but it soon turns out she not only makes plants grow to giant sizes, but also things, and even teeny weeny foxes.

A Life Story
Nacho Rodríguez, Spain, 2013, 4’, animation 
An adventure based on an ancient poem, The Hymn of the Pearl. In this modern version a little cat is sent into space to another planet to find something valuable.

for 23 Dec 2017 15:30

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