Eyes of a Thief

A drama about a water engineer with a dark past brings home what it is like to live in the occupied territories. With Egyptian star actor Khaled Abol Naga. Najwa Najjar belongs to a new generation of Arab female filmmakers whose work is currently screened in EYE.

Water engineer Tareq is a man with a dark secret. His story gradually unfolds via a series of flashbacks to the year 2002, when the West Bank experienced one of the largest sieges in its troubled history. The Wadi al-Haramiyah (Valley of Thieves) was the scene of a true incident in which 10 Israelis lost their lives at a checkpoint.

The film then focuses on Tareq’s search for his lost daughter, which takes him back to Nablus. He is hired by a shady contractor called Adel who puts Tareq up in a seamstress shop which is also home to a spirited young girl called Malak, the same age as Tareq’s daughter. In the end all characters have to own up to the truth. Director Najjar also exposes the oppressiveness of modern Palestinian community, as moral certainties have been replaced by dubious choices and there are no clear-cut answers. The Palestinian filmmaker Najwa Najjar debuted with her widely acclaimed Pomegranates and Myrrh.