Eyeshadow: Drive & BEA1991

Eyeshadow brings you cool, offbeat and thrilling films followed by live performances in the bar area. This month Drive, followed by BEA1991.

First a film, then a live show in IJlounge: every month Eyeshadow selects a high-profile modern classic with a striking soundtrack.


A sultry and stylish action thriller starring a charismatic Ryan Gosling as a stunt driver in Hollywood, who makes a little extra on the side as a getaway driver for the criminal community. When a job goes horribly wrong, he has to do what he’s good at: Drive! Winner of the Golden Palm for Best Director at Cannes Film Festival and one of the most thrilling films to have been released that year.


start: 23.30
The Amsterdam singer BEA1991 is about to make an international breakthrough with her sultry electronic pop/R&B and laidback, viscous and pounding sounds. She previously impressed London artist Blood Orange, who invited BEA1991 to join him for a stunning guest performance on his hit album Freetown Sound.