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Eyeshadow: Happiness + Cousin

A classic and a happening band: this edition of EyeShadow features a showbyCousin to accompany an original analogue 35mm screening of Todd Solondz’ darkly comical art house hit Happiness. No fewer than twenty characters – including Philip Seymour Hoffman as a chronic masturbator – are struggling with relationship problems in this film. The heavenly voice of Daan Couzijn (Cousin) soothes afterwards with some catchy pop songs.

Love. There’s no easy way about it, if the main characters in Happiness are anything to go by. We see – and hear – an obscene phone caller (Hoffman), a depraved therapist, a tormented romantic and many other victims in the clutches of lust and longing. Solondz records it all in cool and unsentimental scenes that bring home the anxiety, aggression and despair of his characters, though fortunately there is also the relief of the film’s darkly comical tone. Superb acting perfomances by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ben Gazzara, Dylan Baker and others.  


Afterwards there’s a show by Daan Couzijn (Cousin), a singer with a heavenly voice and roots in the world of electronic music. Cousin likes to be inspired by the work of such performers as Björk, Sade and Chet Baker and firmly anchors his sound within minimalist triphop, mixed with catchy pop melodies.

Screened in 35mm (Eye collection).