Documentary about Hamama, nearly ninety years old, a spiritual healer and a living legend in the Arab Emirates. Hamama has the gift of healing people, but finds her work and livelihood threatened by old age and frailty.

Hamama’s special skills are greatly appreciated by the people who come to see her every day in Al Dhaid in the Sharjah region, hoping to benefit from the ultimate cures she has to offer them. Now, however, Hamama is struggling with the burden of providing the care that is so desperately needed.

Nujoom Alghanem (Dubai, 1962) studied in Australia and the United States and lives and works in the United Arab Emirates as a poet and filmmaker. She has received numerous awards for her films.  

The Cup Reader, a short film by Suha Araj (Palestine) will be screened prior to the documentary. The Cup Reader is a comedy about Arab women who fail to marry 'in time'.