I Move So I Animate: Researchlab Master P&P, UvA

You are invited to a hands-on, eyes-open exhibition focusing on the sense of touch-- on the tactile and the “haptic” in cinematic production.

This interactive program, conceived and curated by students from the University of Amsterdam, explores the materiality of the moving image by investigating the various visually-experienced textures of both hand-drawn and digitally manipulated animation. The evening will consist of several animated works, spanning nearly a hundred years of the medium, from a 1918 short to an audience-created film on which the ink has just dried.

As cinematic technologies shift from the materiality of celluloid to the immateriality of computer code, how do we detect the presence of the artist’s hand in the work? How is the texture and experience of an animated image altered in the move from analogue to digital media? How does the everyday prevalence of touchscreens matter in the evolution and democratization of visual media? Where do these new technologies point the ever evolving practice of animation?

Students of the University of Amsterdam’s Presentation and Preservation of the Moving Image master’s program delve deep into the animation archives of EYE and LI-MA to explore these questions. They will also collaborate with the audience on making new work for the animation archive. Short sleeves and smartphones welcome. This Research Lab will be in English.

Two films in the program include flickering images. These may possibly be sensitive to people with epilepsy.