IDFA - Junior Ochtend

Spoken and/or subtitled in Dutch.

Spotlight on Merna
Mirjam Marks (NL, 2016) 15'

Since participating in The Voice Kids, Merna – a refugee from Iraq – has become world famous in her temporary home of Lebanon.


The Man Who Can
Nadine Kuipers (NL, 2011) 17'

The life of 11-year-old Malik, a special boy with Down syndrome, is turned upside down when he moves to Africa.


Crowley - Every Cowboy Needs His Horse
Andre Hörmann (DE, 2015) 16'

All 11-year-old Crowley wants is to be a cowboy. He’s determined to prove to his parents that he can break a horse.


Annelies Kruk (NL, 2004) 15'

Portrait of Nima, a teenager from Somalia who lives in a centre for refugees and is waiting for a Dutch residence permit for herself and her mother.