IDFA - Kids & Docs Competition 2

Children's documentaries: 1Minute Nature, Che!, Rocknrollers, Jesser and the Sugarcane, Naomi's Secret, Spotlight on Merna, 135'. These films are subtitled in English and will be dubbed in Dutch live during this screening.

1Minute Nature
Stefanie Visjager en Katinka Baehr (NL, 2016) 1'

In short, imaginative animated documentaries, children talk about their relationship with nature.


Elsbeth Fraanje (NL, 2016) 14'

A peek into the world of a tough kid named Che, which has changed radically since his parents’ divorce.


Daan Bol (NL, 2016) 25'

A moving coming-of-age story about depression and the beneficial, healing effects of music and friendship.


Jesser and the Sugarcane
Godelieve Eijsink (NL, 2016) 15'

Jesser knows one thing for sure: when he grows up, he will never work with sugar cane – the stealthy killer than has made his father incurably ill.


Naomi's Secret
Saskia Gubbels (NL, 2016) 15'

Naomi is an optimistic teenager who faithfully visits her mother at the mental health unit where she lives. For the first time, she decides to her best friend Sam along with her.


Spotlight on Merna
Mirjam Marks (NL, 2016) 15'

Since participating in The Voice Kids, Merna – a refugee from Iraq – has become world famous in her temporary home of Lebanon.