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IDFA - Singing with Angry Bird

The attempts of a temperamental Korean opera singer in the Indian city of Pune to involve parents in his choir for children from the slums.

Jae-Chang Kim is a temperamental Korean opera singer nicknamed Angry Bird. Five years ago in the Indian city of Pune, he started the Banana Children’s Choir for children in the slums – not to train them as professional musicians, but to introduce them to music from outside their daily reality. The choir changed the children’s lives: it gave them self-confidence and structure, and for some the opportunity to visit Korea. But much to Angry Bird’s frustration, many parents aren’t convinced of the choir’s value.

The film follows him for a year as he attempts to involve the parents by having them rehearse for a joint concert with their kids. The project often drives Angry Bird to despair, because for people who have trouble making ends meet, work is always more important. Nevertheless, music provides a vibrant contrast to the everyday reality of the slums. It moves both parents and children, bringing them closer together in the process.