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IDFA - Zero Days

An exciting and disturbing thriller about the Stuxnet computer virus and the real possibility of a worldwide cyber war.

Imagine a world at the mercy of a cyber worm that eats its way from one computer to the next, closing down crucial infrastructure along the way and causing millions in damage worldwide. This futuristic documentary shows this scenario isn’t science fiction – far from it. The film’s director Alex Gibney explores the world of Stuxnet, a malicious computer virus created by the United States and Israel to cripple Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. Experts describe it as the “most sophisticated malware that we have ever seen,” and the story behind it is highly sensitive.

Many interviewees would only appear if they were unidentifiable, and their voice either disguised or replaced by an actor’s. They each provide fragments of information, but never the whole story. Gibney’s quest for the truth behind the cyber worm is exciting and disconcerting. Global cyber war has never seemed so imminent.