In Search of a City (in the Papers of Sein) en andere korte films van Arabische vrouwen

Long feature films by contemporary Arab women filmmakers are rarely screened in the West, but even rarer in European cinemas are new short films by Arab female directors. The programme ‘Where Do We Go Now?’ – Arab Women behind the Camera features three recent short productions portraying the life of young women in the Arab world.

The programme includes the following short films:

In Search of A City (in the Papers of Sein) Hala Elkoussy (Egypt), Arab spoken, English subtitles. 34’

The voice of female ‘flâneuse’ Sein leads us through Cairo with its age-old streets, posh neighbourhoods dating from the colonial era and new apartment blocks. Elkoussy shows us how Cairo, a city with a population of eight million, grew into the megalopolis it is today.


Cholo Muzna Al Musafer, Oman 2014, Arab spoken, English subtitles. 21’

Eleven-year old Cholo meets his half-brother Abdullah for the first time when their father Said arrives in Muscat.


Half Emirati, Amal Al Agroobi, United Arab Emirates 2012, Arab spoken, English subtitles. 11’

A documentary showing the social consequences of a mixed marriage between a citizen of the Arab Emirates and a foreign spouse.


Eye & Mermaid, Shahad Ameen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia 2013 Arab spoken, English subtitles. 14’

Ten-year-old Hanan lives in a fishing village on the coast of the Arab Peninsula. For a long time she has been longing to accompany her father on one of his nightly fishing trips, but he refuses to take her with him. Every morning he returns with magnificent black pearls. But where does he get them from? Does he have a secret?