Je suis le peuple

The demonstrations on Tahrir Square as seen from the perspective of poor villagers far away in the Nile valley, who follow the revolutionary events on TV. Documentary maker Anna Roussillon belongs to a new generation of Arab female filmmakers whose work is currently screened in EYE.

In January 2011, Tahrir Square in Cairo was the scene of mass demonstrations against the regime. While thousands of demonstrators flocked to the capital of Egypt, poor villagers some seven hundred miles south of Cairo witnessed the mounting tension by watching TV and reading the newspapers. It is from the perspective of these villagers that the political changes in Egypt were filmed.

In almost picturesque images, Cairo-born Anna Roussillon captures a reality that was mostly neglected in much of the media coverage, that of the vast rural population of Egypt. Based on their hopes, disappointments, doubts and questions, the documentary shines an unexpected light on the events on Tahrir Square from the distant perspective of the countryside.

Anna Roussillon will be present during the screening on the 6th of June.