Keep an Eye/CP research presentations 1

The Master of Film Graduation Show titled Condition of Possibility takes place from 24 - 29 June at EYE and Grootlab. The students present the outcomes of their two-year artistic research in film: films, installations and project proposals. The program also includes lectures, research presentations and debates with (inter)national professionals.

The film screenings and live programme for the Master programme Condition of Possibility (CP) are free. Tickets can be collected at the EYE ticket desk starting the day before the event (max. 4 tickets per person per event). It is not possible to make reservations.
The exhibition at EYE and Grootlab is freely accessible.

Eliane Esther Bots - Cinematic Intimacy – A study of the Encounter

When I went back for the first time I pressed myself against the walls of the house to embrace it. For a very short moment, I had the feeling that the world behind the door was still there.

Eliane Bots explores the possibilities of visualizing that which isn't visible at first glance: the longing for a home(land), the influence of conflict on a family and the intimate narrative relationship with someone who is no longer present. In her presentation, she’s inviting you on a narrative journey to meet the characters of her filmic triptych.

Mariia Ponomarova - Character is a story

Mariia's lecture-performance about finding an alternative method for building characters in film will present a way of finding her own connection between a character and a story.
The presentation will also give an insight into Mariia's creative process and how it led her to a research case study - proposal for a short fiction film ‘Family Hour’. A script of 'Family Hour' will be presented in collaboration with an actor-storyteller David Eeles.

(Keep an Eye)