KLIK! Festival: Animated Shorts 5

A small-town pig dreams of the big city. A small boy dreams of a big fish. An old lady dreams of winning the lottery and a factory worker dreams of breaking loose — you’ll find all sorts of dreams in this collection of animated shorts, but there are some nightmares as well. Just ask the three dead Wreckers.


9, chemin des Gauchoirs - FR, 2015, directed by Lyonel Charmette, 13 min.

Go to City Ele - CH, 2015, directed by Wenyu Li, 9 min.

Bingo! - NL, 2015, directed by Patrick Schoenmaker, 2 min.

Splintertime - NL/FR/BE, 2014, directed by Rosto Rosto, 11 min.

J and the Fish - FR, 2015, directed by Cécile Paysant, 9 min.

Stripy - IR, 2015, directed by Behnoud Nekooei/Babak Nekooei, 3 min.

A Long Holiday - BE, 2015, directed by Caroline Nugues, 15 min.