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KLIK! Festival: Animated Shorts for Kids (9-12)

We’ve collected the greatest, funniest, and most exciting animated shorts for kids from 9 to 12 (as well as their proud parents). Films that are in English have Dutch subtitles.


The Life-Givers

Director: Angela De Vito
land: United States
Duration: 06:38 min.
Land: 2014

My New Home

Director: Daisy Bryant
Land: United Kingdom
Duration: 04:33 min.
Year: 2014

The Orphan and the Polar Bear

Director: Neil Christopher
Land: Canada
Duration: 08:47 min.
Year: 2013

The Present

Director: Jacob Frey
Land: Germany
Duration: 04:20 min.
Year: 2014


Director: Marlon Tenório, Marcelo Castro
Land: Brazil
Duration: 11:12 min.
Year: 2013

Mac n Cheese - Supermarket

Director: Colorbleed Animation Studios
Land: The Netherlands
Duration: 02:30 min.
Year: 2013

Bear Story

Director: Gabriel Osorio
Land: Chile
Duration: 10:14 min.
Year: 2014

Children of the Holocaust Suzanne's Story

Director: Zane Whittingham
Land: United Kingdom
Duration: 05:03 min.
Year: 2014

Dreams & Tears

Director: Raffi Yaniger
Land: Israel
Duration: 05:56 min.
Year: 2013


Director: Xavier Sailliol, Taylor Price, Laura Pannetier, Chloé Nicolay, Luce Grosjean
Land: France 0
Duration: 02:45 min.
Year: 2013

We Bare Bears

Director: Daniel Chong
Land: United States
Duration: 07:47 min.
Year: 2014