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La casa lobo

The Wolf House is an unsettling, overwhelming stop-motion film about the mental delirium of a girl, reminiscent of the short films by David Lynch and Jan Švankmajer. Screened in Shell Shock, our programme on coping with traumas.

The feature film debut of the Chilean visual artists Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña is an ingenious and disturbing visual featabout the mental delirium of Maria, a rebellious girl who escaped from an isolated German settlement in Patagonia. 


La casa lobo presents itself as a cautionary film that is meant to deter people from trying to escape from the colony, which many attempt nevertheless. A striking feature of the film are the powerful, surrealist and disorientating images – a cinematic reflection of Maria’s mental disorder. Objects change in size and shape, cartoon images emerge from the walls of the house, works of art and eyes bleed paint like tears.

for 16 Apr 2019 21:15
with Q&A with Cristóbal León