• Maya Fridman
  • Paolo Gioli
  • Maya Fridman
  • Maya Fridman

Maya Fridman vs Films by Paolo Gioli

He deconstructs technology and the language of cinema, she is acclaimed for her emotional performance of works by classical and modern composers. Master cellist Maya Fridman performs live to four experimental films by the Italian artist Paolo Gioli. With an introduction by Eye on Art programmer Anna Abrahams.


  • Del tuffarsi e dell'annegarsi (IT 1972 10’45” 16mm b/w)
  • Film stenopeico (L'uomo senza macchina da presa) (IT 1973/1981/1989 13’ 16mm b/w colour)
  • Quando l’occhio trema (IT 1989 10’45” 16mm b/w)
  • Immagini travolte dalla ruota di Duchamp (IT 1994 12’12” b/w)
for 25 Sep 2018 19:30