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Three international filmmakers living and working in Amsterdam share their views on Jan Švankmajer’s animations and how their own work might possibly be influenced by the Czech master animator. Participators in the conversation are Martha Colburn, Serge Onnen en Sverre Fredriksen, who will show excerpts from their work. A screening of Švankmajer’s Surviving Life – Theory and Practice (2010) follows the discussion.

Martha Colburn (US) has a special passion for Jan Švankmajer’s work; she will show Metamorfoza (2013) and Triumph of the Wild (2009, 35mm) accompanied by a 'lecture video' about invention in her work. She presents also a miniaturized version of her multi-plane glass animation set for the audience to interact with after the show.

Serge Onnen (The Netherlands) and Sverre Fredriksen (Norway), co-authors of Cloacinae (2017) and L’eau faux (2019) will show excerpts of their work and will focus on the use of materials and sound in their films. 

psychoanalyst comedy

In Surviving Life – Theory and Practicemaster animator Švankmajer conjures up dogs sporting ties, snakes and ox tongues in this 'psychoanalytic comedy’ about a man leading a double life. Freud gets a sound beating in the process.

Švankmajer evokes a provocative, melancholic picture of a bureaucrat who indulges in dreams filled with sex, violence and phantasms. This ageing man called Eugene has recurring dreams about a beautiful young woman bearing several names that all begin with an E.

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Cloacinae (Serge Onnen, Sverre Fredriksen, 2017)
L'Eau Faux - False Water (Serge Onnen, Sverre Fredriksen, 2019)
Metamorfoza (Martha Colburn, 2013)
Triumph of the Wild (Martha Colburn, 2009)