Research Lab: HKU & UvA: Enjoy Your Entertainment

In our current times of 24/7 markets and culture, work and the production of value have shifted away from traditional modes of labour and standard work hours. A world of 24/7 online profiles and activities raises questions of how and where we can withdraw from the labour system.

What constitutes play, free time, a break, leisure? Relaxed sleep? Can we ever be 'away' if we still carry our smartphones with us? Is watching Netflix still leisure, if it means that with each click we are ‘working’, adding value to the Netflix algorithm? Will leisure increasingly be seen as an escape into fantasy, into another world (e.g. Oculus Rift)? And with the increasing number of screens and sources of information and entertainment around us, can we still be bored? Or are we more bored than ever before? Let's think about what defines entertainment today: how, where and why does leisure still relate to the arts?

The screening starts at 19.15 in cinema 2 and continues 75 minutes later in the exhibition space with the new presentation of the Researchlab of the HKU/UvA. The exhibition Close -Up will be open until 21:00 for visitors of the Researchlab.

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