The Kid

‘The Tramp’ has a lot of slapstick fun with ‘The Kid’, played by child star Jackie Coogan. The two get caught up in the wildest situations but always manage to get out. With live accompaniment by Yvo Verschoor. The evening is introduced by writer Matthijs De Ridder.

Being a tramp, Charlie is used to getting along on his own, but when he finds an abandoned baby he grows fond of his little companion. Charlie and 'The Kid' prove to be a perfect team and have one adventure after the other. Meanwhile the mother has managed to track down the two and demands her child back…what to do? 

When The Kid was released, ‘The Tramp’ had been absent from the screen for over a year. The film was made at a dramatic period in Chaplin’s life: his youngest child lived for only a few days and Chaplin, who had been suffering from a creative block for some time, decided to return to filming. The Kid was acclaimed as a new turn in his career: the pure slapstick was now balanced by the attention to character development and Chaplin had progressed from being a straightforward clown to the status of a mature comedian.

The evening is introduced by the Belgian essayist and literary critic Matthijs de Ridder (20’). De Ridder wrote a cultural history, De eeuw van Charlie Chaplin (The Age of Charlie Chaplin), in  which he views major watersheds like World War I and II and the Depression of the 1930s through the lens of the celebrated filmmaker and actor.