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The One Minutes: Helen Dowling - We Do the Voodoo

The One Minutes and EYE on Art invited artist Helen Dowling to curate a new The One Minutes Series. ‘We do the voodoo. A play on continuity and rhythm from one artist to another.’ Premieres at EYE, in conjunction with the Close-Up exhibition.

Taking the title ‘We Do the Voodoo’ from the idea of possession and rhythmic entrainment Helen Dowling has initiated a video program that relied upon each artist responding to the previous artists one minute video and nominating the next artist to do the same. Modelled roughly on the Exquisite Corpse drawing game invented by the Surrealists, this is an experiment with the rhythm and contingency between artists and the structure of an organisation like The One Minutes.

Dowling will present the series ‘we do the voodoo’ along with a selection of moving image material to complement the series. She will take a further look at two of the artists who contributed the first and last one minute video to ‘we do the voodoo’. They are artists Louis Henderson with the video ‘All That Is Gold’ and Basma Alsharif showing ‘The Story of Milk and Honey’.  

There will also be a screening of some of the recently retrieved recordings of the Volta Laboratory from 1880-81. These recordings are believed to be some of the earliest recordings made intended for playback. To conclude the evening there will a screening of the Australian mystery drama The Last Wave, 1977 directed by Peter Weir. All films will be introduced by Helen Dowling.

The Last Wave

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