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The One Minutes: Janis Rafa - Making Hybrids

In 2013/2014 video artist Janis Rafa was a resident artist at the Rijksakademie voor beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. For The One Minutes she is compiling a series of new one-minute films called 'Making Hybrids'. Fascinated by anthropomorphic animals and animal-like people, she invited artists and filmmakers to create their visual interpretation of a mananimal combined into a single body. The one-minute films are followed by a screening of her Three Farewells trilogy.

Janis Rafa (Athens, 1984) holds a PhD in Fine Art from the University of Leeds. She uses video to transform her experiences into carefully choreographed scenes.

Three Farewells is a trilogy of burials - Father Gravedigger (20min), Our Dead Dogs (18min), The Last Burial (24min). Each part interprets the ambiguous concept of death and the fear of loosing, outside the conventions of an anthropocentric understanding. The films consist of intricately woven visual narratives derived from personal histories.

Artists Janis Rafa, Felix Burger, Helen Dowling and Melanie Bonajo were invited by EYE on Art and The One Minutes, a foundation set up to collect and screen the best one-minute video films, to put together a full evening’s programme. The series will premiere in EYE and tour museums and cultural organisations with a subscription to The One Minutes.