The One Minutes: 'The Pack - Impressions from Our Family'

EYE on Art and The One Minutes have asked multi-media artist Felix Burger to create a new series of one-minute videos. For this project Burger will invite filmmakers to respond to a one-minute video he has made – the keyword being ‘family album’.

Is there anything more corny than the traditional leather-bound family album of snapshots? Not if it’s up to Felix Burger. For The One Minutes, an organisation set up to collect and screen the best one-minute video films, he will compile a programme freely improvising on the theme of ‘family’.
Burger will make a one-minute family film and invite other filmmakers and artists to respond. ‘They can send in footage of a relative, the parental home, holidays, a pet, their favourite toys; the footage can be realistic, absurd, fantastic, fictitious, bizarre, abstract, perverse or tender; it can be a sound fragment, a still, an edited sequence or sound only.’ What makes it so interesting is that even within this broad scope, the commonly shared theme remains visible. 

The One Minutes Series will premiere in EYE. The series is introduced by Felix Burger and will be followed by a screening of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 'Angst essen Seele auf' (Alle Türken heißen Ali), 1974. The films is considered to be one of Fassbinder's most powerful works and is hailed by many as a masterpiece. It plays in Burger's hometown, Munich in the 60ies and also the subject, the aesthetics and atmosphere fits The One Minutes Series very much.

During the month of February, twenty museums and cultural spaces around the world subscribed to The One Minutes Series will show the series at their venues.

Work by Felix Burger (1982) can be seen in the EYE group exhibition Close-up – A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands until 22 May 2016.

For 'The Pack - Impressions from Our Family' Felix Burger selected work of the following artists:

Gabi Blum
Malte Bruns
Johannes Evers
Funda Gül Özcan
Benedikt Hipp
Korbinian Jaud
Yvonne Leinfelder
Denise Nieuwejaers
Eva von Platen
Cheng Ran
Lisa Reitmeier
Hester Scheurwater
Joscha Steffens
Sophia Süßmilch
Smi Vuković