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  • Meet Me in St Louis
  • Meet Me in St Louis
  • Meet Me in St Louis
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This is Film! #3 Colour in Film

The third lecture of This Is Film! Film Heritage in Practice, a public series devoted to remarkable projects in the fields of film restoration and film heritage, will focus on the magnificent world of colour in film, and more specifically on Technicolor. This time Giovanna Fossati (Chief Curator at Eye and Professor Film Heritage at the UvA) will talk with special guest is Céline Ruivo, Curator of Film Collections at Cinématèque Française.

Technicolor is the brand name of a series of motion picture processes that became known and celebrated for their highly saturated colours. It was the most widely used colour process in Hollywood from 1922 to 1952.

unique 35mm vintage print

Eye has invited Céline Ruivo (Curator of Film Collections at Cinématèque Française) to share her knowledge and to discuss and showcase the classic Meet me in St. Louis (1944), which will be shown in a unique 35mm Technicolor vintage print.

Ruivo has done extensive research on the three-colour Technicolor system for her PhD dissertation and has recently uncovered this unique film print of Vincent Minnelli’s classic in the collection of Cinématèque Française.

for 03 Apr 2019 15:30