Where Do We Go Now? (Et maintenant on va ou?)

Labaki treats a delicate subject with great humour. In a village where church and mosque exist side by side, the women come up with ingenious ways of dissuading their men from starting a religious conflict. The director is among a refreshing new generation of Arab female filmmakers.

A procession of women solemnly moves towards the local graveyard, clutching photographs of their beloved husbands. Their men have fallen in a pointless, lengthy and far-off war. They are united in their shared grief until they arrive at the gates of the graveyard, and the group splits up into Muslims and Christians.

The women overcome the religious divides that separate their community by thinking up highly original and often comical plans to divert their men at the slightest hint of religious tension. Against the backdrop of a war-torn country, Where Do We Go Now? tells the heart-warming story of a group of women determined to protect their isolated village from forces that are trying to disrupt their community.

Nadine Labaki is among a generation of Arab female filmmakers who have recently gained prominence. ‘Where do we go now?’, Labaki’s film on the political situation in Lebanon, that great melting pot of religions, also furnished the title for EYE’s festival focusing on Arab women filmmakers. The question that immediately presents itself is, ‘Where do we all go on from here?’, a question which is of relevance to the entire Middle East and Europe.