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Love film? Support Eye.

There are several ways to support Eye, for individuals, companies, and funds.

Eye is guardian, pioneer and guide in the world of film and the art of moving images. It houses four cinemas, a large exhibition area, three unique meeting rooms, an education space, a shop, a bar-restaurant and a series of permanent presentations. What’s more, Eye manages the Dutch film heritage in a state-of-the-art building right next to Eye, where a collection of about 50,000 films is housed, digitised and restored. Furthermore, Eye manages an extensive national educational programme and is responsible for the promotion of Dutch films abroad and the Dutch submission for the Academy Awards.

By combining the past, present and future of cinema, Eye provides both young and old with an insight into the art and power of the moving image with our pay-off being: “Eye shows you a new perspective”.


Hester Barkey Wolf
Head of Development

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