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For companies, there are various opportunities to collaborate with Eye.

With 700,000 visitors per year and an extensive collection of films, Eye is the home for film in the Netherlands. The beautiful building, combined with the wide variety of exhibitions, film programmes, films, and educational projects, provide a unique platform with a range of options that can help achieve the objectives of our corporate partners.

collaboration opportunities


Tamsin Campbell
Corporate Partnerships
+31 (0)6 19 17 64 92

Maartje Jansen
Corporate Partnerships
+31 (0)6 24 71 02 29

collaboration opportunities

  • business club

    Does your company care deeply about Eye and about Dutch film culture, and do you want to be part of an interesting and varied network? Then become a member for the Eye Network.

  • partnerships

    As a partner, you will be supporting Eye in its cultural and social activities. At the same time, we also help you to give form to your business goals in a creative way and help you to achieve them.

  • our partners

    Thanks to the collaboration with our sponsors and partners, Eye is able to develop, organize, and continue its activities.