Meet EYE's new Sales manager

EYE has a new sales manager since the summer of 2013: Leenke Ripmeester took over from Ronny Temme who has worked at EYE for over 10 years. Leenke was since 2004 employed by EYE as collection specialist of animation and advertising films.

EYE sales collections receives many World War I requests from all over the world. Next to footage from the Netherlands (neutral during the war), EYE also holds many films, news items, travelogues and documentaries from the 1914-1918 period from other countries that participated in the Great War, such as the U.K.. France, Germany, Italy and countries from the Balkan, Eastern Europe and Russia. Moreover, EYE also holds the Huis Doorn collection: the residence where Kaiser Wilhelm II lived during his exile after WWI. A lot of footage from this collection is being used in documentaries and museum exhibits internationally.

Although EYE doesn’t have a DVD label of its own, we collaborate with existing series to bring our films on curated DVDs. This year will witness the publication of a number of exclusive DVDs with EYE content (often from the Desmet Collection but also on WWI), all thanks to Leenke’s involvement.

Furthermore, Leenke has been busy with various projects: Yad Vashem, the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust  in Jerusalem, has acquired a large number of films on Dutch Jewish culture from the collection of EYE for their own archive. 

Artist Tomoko Mukaiyama has used footage from the EYE archive for her performance Multus #2: Dance on Piano. During this piano performance some 30 monitors of various dimensions show images by filmmaker J.C. Mol: time-lapse recordings of blossoming flowers. Multus #2 has been performed in early February 2014 in Tokyo, Kyoto and Sendai. The performance will also make a tour in the Netherlands.

In May, H. M. the King Willem-Alexander has opened the exhibition Seurat; Meester van het pointillisme in the Kröller-Müller Museum (in Otterlo, the Netherlands). The exhibition starts with a short film containing historical images of Paris and the French coast from the collection of EYE.

Read more about Leenke in this interview in the latest issue of Focal magazine’s Archive Zones Journal.

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