In this section, you will find press releases and visual material related to Eye’s films, exhibitions, and news. The press section is intended for journalists, editors, and theatres/exhibitors.


Journalists wishing to visit the exhibition or screening of a film must submit a request to Marnix van Wijk, Eye's publicity manager, by sending an email to at least 48 hours in advance.

The request must state the name, email address, title and time of the start of the film screening and / or exhibition time slot. If possible, you will receive a confirmation email. With this email you can pick up your ticket at the Eye desk in accordance with the applicable rules.


If you would like to interview Sandra den Hamer (Director Eye), Jaap Guldemond (Director of Exhibitions), or another Eye employee, please send an email to


Journalists from the written press, radio, television, and (press) photographers are welcome for the purpose of journalistic publications and productions related to Eye's exhibitions, films, and architecture, under the conditions mentioned below.

  • Members of the press are welcome on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00. Non-flash photography is permitted. Photo and film shoots are only possible upon request.
  • Press members from radio and television, as well as press photographers, are required to register six business days in advance via
  • Members of the written press are required to register three business days in advance. A copy of a current press card with job title, name, and address information, or a business card, must be attached.
  • This regulation does not apply to members of the KNF or the AICA, who can get a free ticket for the exhibition or a film screening upon presentation of their membership card at the reception desk.
  • Accreditation will be confirmed by e-mail.
  • All journalists must present valid identification at the time of their press visit.
  • When using visual material, the “Conditions for the Use of Visual Material” apply.
  • The “General Terms and Conditions for Visitors” also apply.
  • The press and publicity department of Eye reserves the right to deny visitation requests from the press.