soundtrack studio

The Soundtrack Studio workshop focuses on the role of sound and music in film. By together listening to sounds from film fragments, the students discover how image and sound can enhance each other. Along with a guide, they then create their own soundtrack to accompany a classic film clip.

The students are then given a fragment of a film from the Eye collection, without the sound, and proceed to create an appropriate soundtrack. They do this using household and kitchen items like rubber bands, a comb, or a plastic bag, as well as their own voices. They investigate which sounds match well with which images, and what kind of effect the sounds have on what they see.

In collaboration with Taartrovers.

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Book at least four weeks in advance of the desired date.

duration: 2 hours



number of participants:

Maximum 30 students

number of supervisors:

Bring two supervisors per 30 students. When booking, we will always discuss the definitive number of supervisors with you. Entrance for supervisors is free

key goals:

Artistic orientation: 54, 55 and 56