privacy- & cookiestatement

We, Stichting Film Instituut Nederland (‘Eye’) respect privacy and treat confidential data with the utmost care, in accordance with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Dutch Telecommunications Act. We do our best to observe the European Commission’s proposal of 1 January 2017 to replace the 2002 e-Privacy Directive with a new e-Privacy Regulation. The proposed e-Privacy Regulation includes certain requirements relating to the use of cookies and the sending of newsletters.

This privacy and cookie notice is intended to inform you how and why we process personal data, and how you can exercise your right to privacy. It also contains other information on how we deal with personal data. Personal data is defined as ‘any information that can be used to identify an individual or which can be linked to an individual’.

This privacy and cookie notice applies to the use of and other websites operated by us (collectively referred to in this notice as ‘the or our website’) and the services offered on these websites, such as newsletter subscriptions, event registrations, the booking of parties and the booking and purchase of tickets for film screenings.

for what purposes do we process your personal data?

We use the website to process various types of personal data, depending on your reason for visiting the website. The following are some of the purposes for which we process personal data on the website:

  • to offer you an opportunity to book and purchase tickets for film screenings or to book a table at our restaurant, whether for a private party or on behalf of a group of people, and also to process your booking or purchase, and to inform you about the status of your booking.
  • in order for you to register as a member of a film club or the Eye Society, or as a member of a panel of judges.
  • in order for you to register as a member (of Ladies Eye, for example) and in order to process bookings for, and requests to book, events such as parties.
  • to comply with a request from members of the press to visit the museum and/or to conduct interviews.
  • to comply with your request for access to information, or to view posters or photographs relating to our collection.
  • to comply with your request to restore and digitise film material of yours.
  • to take up your offer of a financial and/or material donation to Eye.
  • to comply with requests from schools to visit the museum or the collection and/or for workshops to be conducted on their own premises.
  • to process your job application.
  • to respond to a question or comment that you have submitted using the contact form on the website.
  • to email you newsletters or to correspond with you by post.
  • to answer your queries or to deal with your complaints made on social media, or received by email, post or telephone.
  • for analytical purposes, with a view to refining and improving the website, for performing statistical analyses and market research, such as anonymous counts of the number of visitors to the page for a particular film on the website, and for making more personalised offers in our newsletters.
what sort of personal data do we collect?

Depending on whether the data in question are processed for one or more of the purposes listed above, we process the following types of personal data relating to visitors to the website:

  • name
  • email address
  • telephone number
  • in the case of Cineville card-holders, the card number (whenever a Cineville card-holder makes a booking on the website)
  • digital passport photograph (only if you upload it yourself and have therefore given us your consent to process it)
  • gender (so as to send you personalised messages, for example if you register as a ‘friend’ of Eye)
  • age (in order to verify whether you are an adult and are therefore entitled to give your consent to the processing of your personal data, and also in connection with a job application)
  • technical data on the device you are using, such as the IP or MAC address, cookie identifiers and your navigational behaviour on our website
  • bank account details, such as your IBAN and bank account number (if you book and pay for a film ticket on the website and/or in order to collect membership fees)
  • in the case of job applicants: name and full address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, motivation and further information in relation to the vacancy in question
cineville card-holders

Acting in conjunction with Cineville B.V., we offer Cineville card-holders the opportunity to use their Cineville card to attend a film screening. Cineville card-holders can book a ticket for a film on the website. In certain cases, the card-holder needs to pay a surcharge.

At the point when the Cineville card-holder makes the booking and/or pays the extra surcharge (if applicable), we process the Cineville card-holder’s personal data, i.e. his or her name, Cineville card number and email address. We process these personal data in order to enable the Cineville card-holder to attend a film screening. We are responsible for processing these personal data.

The accuracy of the personal data supplied by the Cineville card-holder on the website is checked by linking the data on our website with Cineville’s database (in which other personal data relating to Cineville card-holders are stored). In other words, Cineville is required to approve all bookings made with a Cineville card. This means that Cineville has access to the personal data supplied by Cineville card-holders on the website. This is necessary in order to comply with a card-holder’s request to book a ticket for a film screening. As the owner and issuer of Cineville cards, Cineville is responsible for processing the personal data to which it has access by means of the link on the website. The way in which Cineville processes personal data is set out in Cineville’s own privacy policy.

When a Cineville card-holder enters his or her data on the website in order to make a booking, we do not gain access to any personal data other than those entered by the Cineville card-holder on the website. We do not retain the personal data of Cineville card-holders that we obtain from the website for any longer than is strictly necessary.

quality and liability

You are responsibility for the accuracy of all personal data you supply to us. Except in the case of wilfulness or gross negligence, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or for the consequences of any action taken on the basis of inaccurate or incomplete information supplied by you.

with whom do we share personal data?

We do not share any personal data with third parties, with the exception of processors engaged by us for the purpose of storing, managing and maintaining the website and the services offered on the website, such as on-line purchases of film tickets. We have signed appropriate data-processing contracts with these processors; these contracts contain confidentiality clauses. The processors with whom we work may not process personal data for other purposes.

In certain instances, we are under a statutory obligation to disclose certain personal data to third parties. For example, the police may ask us for certain information as part of an anti-fraud investigation. We are obliged by law to supply this information.


We take suitable security measures to protect your personal data against misuse and unauthorised access. More specifically, we ensure that the only persons who have access to your personal data are those who need to do so, that access to your personal data is protected, and that our security measures are regularly checked

retention period

We do not retain your personal data for any longer than is reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this privacy notice, with the exception of data that we are obliged by law to retain for a longer period of time. The retention period during which personal data are stored depends on the purpose for which the personal data are used.

  • Personal data relating to your ordering account or other accounts on our website are erased three months after you have closed your account. Personal data relating to your newsletter subscription are removed or aggregated (so that you are no longer identifiable from the data) six months after you have unsubscribed.
  • All personal data relating to your membership of Eye or to a donation made as a benefactor of Eye are erased 24 months after you have terminated your membership or, as the case may be, made your donation. We are obliged by law to retain financial information on your membership or donation for a period of seven years following the termination of your membership or donation.
  • Personal data relating to a booking or to a request for access to information or to the collection are either erased or aggregated (so that you are no longer identifiable from the data) after three months. Aggregated data may be used for the purpose of analytical or statistical research.
  • Job applicants: personal data relating to a job applicant are destroyed no later than four weeks after the end of the selection procedure, unless the applicant has consented to a longer retention period. This may be the case, for example, if it is thought that a suitable vacancy may arise in the future.
  • Payment data: payment data are processed for tax purposes and are therefore retained for the statutory seven-year period.
  • All other data of yours that are processed on the website are erased once we no longer have any need to process the data in question.
what do we do with cookies?

What are cookies and similar technologies?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed or stored on your device when you visit the website, for example in the browser used by your computer, tablet or smartphone. This text file is used to store or consult data, including personal data, that enable us to recognize repeat visitors to the website.

JavaScripts and web beacons are examples of similar technologies. Together with cookies, they ensure that a computer system can collect information (JavaScripts), which is then stored in the form of small, simple text files (cookies) before being forwarded (as web beacons). This is something we do both in our newsletters and also on the website. It allows us to see who has opened a newsletter and on which links the reader has clicked. All these various technologies are referred to collectively as ‘cookies’.

For what purposes do we place cookies?

Our website may use cookies for the following purposes:

• Essential cookies: these cookies are essential to the technical operation of our website.

• Functionality cookies: these cookies make it easier for visitors to use our website. Their functions include storing visitors’ preferences and other features. The data may be stored either for the duration of the visit to the website or for a longer period. For example, a cookie is placed in order to remember that you were in the process of booking a film ticket but had not yet completed the booking procedure.

• Analytics cookies: We use Google Analytics. We place anonymous analytical cookies (that cannot be linked to an individual) so as to enable us to analyse how visitors use our website. The information collected by these cookies can be used to improve the user-friendliness of our website. Google Analytics does not process any personal data from visitors to our website.

• Advertising or tracking cookies: We make use of cookies for commercial and promotional purposes. The data, including personal data, collected by these cookies is linked, analysed and used in order to create profiles, segments and target groups. The aim is to ensure that the information and advertising you are shown on other websites and other third-party marketing channels are as relevant as possible. Tracking cookies may also be placed on our website by third parties (these are referred to in this notice as ‘third-party cookies’). We always ask your prior consent before placing any third-party cookies, as these are capable of collecting information about your browsing habits on a variety of websites. The data, including personal data, processed by third parties with the aid of third-party cookies are subject to the privacy and cookie notices issued by the third parties in question. These are not within our control.

• Social media cookies: Visitors to our website can access the social media used by us, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Tripadvisor. A number of special buttons are displayed on the website for this purpose. However, these buttons work only if the social media provider in question is able to set a non-specific cookie. The cookie recognises you as a user, enabling you to log-in simply by clicking on the social media button. When you visit our website, the social media cookies are set only when you actually click on the relevant social media button and not before. For more information on social media cookies, see the cookie notices issued by the social media providers.

Personalising cookies

If you go to ‘settings’ when a cookie notice pops up on the website, you can then specify which particular cookies you want to allow to be placed and/or read. You should bear in mind that your settings may affect your use of the website.

What sort of data do we use cookies to collect?

We collect your IP or MAC address (anonymised if possible), data on your navigational and click behaviour, cookie identifiers, technical properties (such as the browser you are using and the resolution of your display), which page you visited immediately before going to our website, when and for how long you visited or used our website, whether you are making use of the features offered on our website, and which pages you visit.

How can you refuse cookies?

You can change your browser settings so as to instruct your browser not to accept any cookies, or not to accept any cookies from our website. Bear in mind that, if your browser does not accept cookies set by our website, you may not be able to use certain features of our website. If you wish to refuse cookies from Google Analytics, you can either set your browser to refuse Google Analytics cookies or click here. 

your rights

The fact that we process your personal data means that you have certain rights. These are set out below. You can ask us to enforce one or more of these rights by applying to our Privacy Officer, either by email ( or by post (Eye, Attn. Privacy Officer, P.O. Box 37767, 1030 BJ Amsterdam). In order to prevent any abuses, you are kindly requested, when making a written request, to submit evidence of your identity by enclosing a copy of a valid ID document. Please do not forget to cover up your ‘citizen service number’ (BSN) and your passport photograph when you copy your ID document. You may wish to use the KopieID app produced by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this purpose.

Right of access

Within no more than four weeks of receiving a request to this effect, we will give you access to and a copy of your personal data as processed by us on our website.

  • We need to confirm your identity before granting you access to the personal data processed by us on our website.
  • We are entitled to refuse you access to, or to be given a copy of, your personal data as processed by us if doing so would be seriously detrimental either to yourself or to other persons.

Right of rectification, blocking and erasure

  • If you have been granted access to or have received a notification about your personal data, you are entitled to request us in writing to rectify, erase or block your personal data as processed by us on our website should these personal data be inaccurate, incomplete, superfluous to the purpose for which they are processed or otherwise contrary to a statutory regulation. Your request must state which amendments you wish to be made.
  • Within four weeks of receiving the request, we will notify you as to whether your request has been granted. If we have rejected your request, we will explain our reasons for doing so.
  • We will ensure that a decision to rectify, block or erase personal data is put into effect within no more than four weeks.
  • We will inform both you and any third parties who need to be informed, of a decision to rectify, block or erase personal data. We will let you know which third parties we have informed.

Right to object

  • If you feel that we are (or a member of our staff is) processing your personal data in a manner that is contrary to the law or contractual agreements, you may lodge a written objection to the processing of your data at any time.
  • We will decide whether to uphold or dismiss your objection within four weeks of receiving it.
  • If we decide that the objection is justified, we will terminate the processing immediately.
how can you contact us?

If you have any questions, requests or complaints about the processing of your personal data, please get in touch with our Privacy Officer, either by email ( or by post (Eye, Attn. Privacy Officer, P.O. Box 37767, 1030 BJ Amsterdam). We will do our best to help if you have any complaints about the processing of your personal data. Should we not be able to solve the matter to your satisfaction, please note that, under Dutch privacy law, you are entitled to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

changes to the privacy and cookie notice

We reserve the right to amend this privacy and cookie notice from time to time. Any changes will be published on our website. Please consult the privacy and cookie notice at regular intervals to ensure that you remain familiar with its contents. Should you conclude that the privacy and cookie notice, or the changes made to it, are not acceptable, you will no longer be able to use our website and the services offered on it.