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Please buy your cinema and exhibition tickets online. You can make your reservation for Eye Bar Restaurant online. 24 June, Eye Bar Restaurant (incl. terrace) is closed until 17.00.

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campaign image Taartovers Film Festival 2021
© Almicheal Fraay

Taartrovers Film Festival 2021

10 — 16 July 2021

Taartovers Film Festival 2021
© Almicheal Fraay

This year’s theme ‘On the Road’ is present throughout the film programme and in the installations. On your playful wanderings, you continuously encounter new things to explore. You explore the world around you, move this way or that, and everything moves along with you.

Taartrovers Film Festival is visiting Eye with a programme created especially for young children aged two to nine. Here you can watch wonderful films and discover the Playground of the Imagination, an artistic landscape filled with playful installations. Children can move freely through this landscape to explore, touch and taste.

Taartovers Film Festival 2021
© Almicheal Fraay
Taartovers Film Festival 2021
© Milica Pjevac

Taartrovers offers short film programmes for toddlers, but also for seven-year-olds. A festival programme filled with animation, live-action and documentaries. After the film screening, you can visit the Playground of the Imagination. Follow your light beam and discover how shapes change when you move. Create a pinball machine and let marbles run wild, move cars in stop motion and hop, skip and jump from one installation to the next. Tired of all the commotion? Lounge away with a story playing in your ears, and only move in your imagination.

Ticket with Stadspas

A ticket with a Stadspas with a green dot is € 1,- and can be reserved via info@eyefilm.nl. Send an email with the subject 'Reservation request Stadspasactie' containing the time, date and title of the screening and your first and last name. The tickets are only reserved if you have received a confirmation by email.

The tickets can be picked up at the Eye box office from 15 minutes before the start of the film. Do not forget to bring the Stadspas with you to Eye as it needs to be scanned. The promotion is valid for one film of your choice throughout the festival. Supervisors without a Stadspas have to buy a regular ticket for € 9.-. This promotion only applies to Stadspas with a green dot.

poster Taartrovers Film Festival 2021

Films & playground

A ticket grants access to both a film screening and the Playground of the Imagination.

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