The first Dutch full length colour feature film is an adaptation of the German film Acht Mädels im Boot (Eight girls in a boat). It marked Willy van Hemert’s debut as a film director.

Sterren stralen overal

Social drama about a family emigrating to Australia.

Taxi driver Piet Amstel is worried about the ‘declining morals’ of 1950s Amsterdam and decides to emigrate to Australia. The government drive to build atomic shelters and the incessant Dutch rain only strengthen his purpose, as Amstel figures sunny Australia would make a positive change for his family. But first he needs to bring his daughter and her criminal boyfriend back on the right path.

Rondom het Oudekerksplein

Following a method often used on television of combining monologues and interviews with visual impressions not necessarily having a synchronized relationship with the soundtrack, Roeland Kerbosch set out to give an impression of Amsterdam's 'red light district', right in the heart of the Old City around the historic Old Church.


On a summer evening, at precisely 10.32PM, Inspector Stroomer is informed that an emergency telephone call has been received at the police station.

Turks fruit

A sort of Dutch take on Love Story, but without the sentimentality. Paul Verhoeven's adaptation of Jan Wolkers’ best-selling novel broke all box office records. Humour and tragedy, violence and tenderness, love and death are all taken as much for granted as in real life.

To Grab the Ring

Driven by his own restlessness and pursued by the henchmen of an underworld figure, American Alfred Lowell journeys through Europe and becomes entangled with women and gangsters in London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. When, finally, he seems to have found peace of mind with a former Paris girlfriend and plans to build a happy future with her in Greece, he is trapped by his pursuers in the train to Athens. He despairs: will he ever be able to escape his past?

The film by Nikolai van der Heyde stars Ben Carruthers, star of John Cassavetes' Shadows.