Keetje Tippel

Keetje Tippel (Cathy Tippel) is a historical character, who lived in Amsterdam during the 19th century.

Keetje came from the northern province of Frisia, with her father, mother and small sisters. Continually beset by difficulties, she succeeds in working her way up from extreme poverty, to eventually find romance and wealth. Forced into prostitution by her mother, in later life she proves more than a match for the men in her life.

Het jaar van de kreeft

The portrait of a brief but tumultuous love affair between a young woman and a man about the same age, 30, whose style of life is utterly different. Pierre is a successful businessman, a 'modern conservative'. Toni is a hairdresser with a company of revue artists, living in a far less protected world. The people she moves among are different from Pierre's rather formal friends. They find it fairly easy to disregard existing norms. But Toni's non-conformism arouses Pierre's interest.


Paul Flanagan has served an eight-year sentence for his part in a robbery. He has been released, unexpectedly, and renews his contact with his girl friend, Cathy, and his half-brother, Peter Babel, both of whom deserted him in his time of need. Paul Flanagan's aim is to find out the whereabouts of the money from the robbery, which his half-brother has hidden away somewhere, for fear of discovery.