Thank you everybody, and bye-bye Vijfhuizen!

Thank you everybody, and bye-bye Vijfhuizen!

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Vijfhuizen film depot

For many years our safety film collection was stored in several locations, the biggest one of them in a converted agriculture warehouse in Vijfhuizen (means “Five houses”) beyond the Schiphol airport .

At the beginning of 2016 we got the keys to our brand new collection center in Amsterdam Noord.

So we started moving people, equipment and collections to the new storage… Everybody lent a hand: volunteers, employees, professional movers… We stuck 210 000 barcode stickers on film cans and 22 000 barcode stickers on shelves. We have lost count of the amount of trucks and pallets that came in, but we put all the cans on the shelves and “bleeped” them in their new location. We didn’t move only film cans, but also video cassettes, film equipment, digital equipment, books, posters, photos, paper files, supplies…


And then we were left with all the “last little things”; those that eat up disproportionate amounts of time.

Finally, at the end of January we returned the keys to the owner of the converted agriculture warehouse.

Thanks, many many thanks to everybody who lent a hand, especially to the volunteers: we couldn’t have done it without you!

And… bye-bye, Vijfhuizen !

PS: the last can that we placed on the shelves, here in the proud hands of our Master Mover Ben, was from the film Een bloeiend bedrijf (A Flourishing Company). We call this “archival serendipity”.

Written by Catherine Cormon, Head of Collection Management, EYE.