Cinema Concert

Silent films from EYE’s collection, screened to live musical accompaniment

Cinema Concert series presents silent films from EYE’s collection that are screened to live musical accompaniment, on Sundays at 4 pm.

On occasion, films will be accompanied by performances on the cinema organ that was specially restored for EYE. First installed in the Passage cinema in The Hague in 1929, this wonderful theatre organ can now be admired in EYE’s large Cinema 1 theatre. Each film is preceded by a brief introduction plus a short film from EYE’s collections, depending on the length of the main feature.


Sunday, 10 Dec 2017

  • 16:00
    10 Dec 2017


    Nikoloz Shengelaya, RU 1928

    Eliso is a must-see film for anyone concerned with the broader canvas of world history. The...

Sunday, 24 Dec 2017

  • 16:00
    24 Dec 2017

    Der Mandarin

    Fritz Freisler, AT 1918

    In this powerful psychological drama Baron von Stroom makes a pact with the devil so he can conquer...

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