Attention: this program has passed. The current programs can be found here with EYE

Collection Day 2018

26 May 2018

Get face to face with EYE’s collection on the annual Collection Day. A look behind the scenes with the restorers and curators of EYE, bringing film history to life.

On Collection Day EYE’s curators invite you on a tour of recent restoration projects and the latest presentation forms of the collection. You will be offered both historical Dutch film material (the very first 3D films!) and international productions. The screenings will be introduced by the curators, who will also highlight the special collections of EYE.

How do you screen film material that is hardly presentable due to changing technological or screening conditions? On Collection Day EYE’s curators will show you how film history can be made relevant again. They will use new technologies and alternative presentation methods based on films from the collection. ‘Awkward’ film material comes into its own again and heritage comes to life. The presentation of the films is modern and occasionally also traditional. A look behind the scenes with the restorers and curators of EYE.

The Collection Day is the kickoff for the EYE International Conference on Activating the Archive. 

Today’s programme is in English.