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While we're all spending more time indoors, let's continue to celebrate cinema. Our colleagues recommend their "language no problem" favourites from the vast array of Dutch online film platforms.

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Simona Monizza opts for Convalescing

This meditative film by Barbara Meter is a beautiful representation of what happens in your head when you no longer have to participate in the world. I call it a visual introspection that creates for something else. Or, in the words of the maker: "time to see how much it is worth: to be able to read, dream, look".

Edith van der Heijde recommends Slippery Slope

Mind-boggling depth and 3D effects in this clever short animated film by Jacques Verbeek and Karin Wiertz. To stimulate the senses once the walls start closing in on you, so to speak...


Thijs Havens chooses for Uit het rijk der kristallen

Soothing, abstract silent film about the emergence of crystals. 'Complete' it by putting on a good ambient record (Brian Eno's Apollo or On Land for example, or Strands by Steve Hauschildt) and relax in these bizarre times while enjoying the beautiful images.

  • Slippery Slope can be watched as part of Eye's online archive

  • Convalescing can be watched as part of Eye's online archive

  • Uit het rijk der kristallen is included it our online archive


At Picl, you can watch a selection of the latest award-winning films and documentaries at home, whenever you want.
Thijs Havens recommends Amazing Grace

Don't fix it if it ain't broke; Amazing Grace is a fairly straightforward recording of a concert by 'queen of soul' Aretha Franklin. But what a concert! Relaxed, improvised, but performed so masterfully that it captivates even if soul not your normal cup of tea.

Edith van der Heijde opts for Mind My Mind

Mind My Mind is an empathetic, sensitive, sweet, uncensored glimpse into the head of autistic Chris who falls in love for the first time. This short Dutch animation is top-level and enjoyed great success at international festivals and was shortlisted for an Oscar nomination.


Over 300 titles can be streamed free of charge via the IDFA (International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam) website.

René Wolf chooses Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains

Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains by David Verbeek: Verbeek is known for his feature films such as R U There and Full Contact, but his first, 23-minute documentary makes you crave more. Much more. Rappers in China are trying to deal with the new, more strict censorship laws.

Leo van Hee opts for Time Within Time

Time Within Time (2009): people waiting, lost in thought at an Amsterdam tram stop, can that be considered engrossing? It can, if you film it like Menno Otten in his Film Academy graduation film. What we'd give to be carefree among those people at that tram stop right now!

Ronald Simons recommends Somewhere Else

Micha Wertheim stretched the boundaries of a cabaret show in Somewhere Else, in which he himself did not participate on the stage. Wertheim directed the very successful registration. The result is, of course, less awkward than sitting in an auditorium expecting to watch a live show with a comedian, but it comes close.

  • you can watch Amazing Grace on Picl

  • La Flor can be watched via IFFR Unleashed

  • Mind My Mind is among those films offered by Picl

IFFR Unleashed

IFFR Unleashed offers films from the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

René Wolf recommends La Flor

Forget Netflix and binge La Flor (for free until April 6). This 14-hour film, by Argentinian Mariano Llinás cannot be compared to anything else. It's a playful, cinematic ode to film history in a delightful and enchanting, highly original mix.

Vitamine Cineville

Cineville members can continue to watch the best arthouse releases via Vitamine Cineville.

and more...

Below, you'll find a few more platforms to discover.

Mark Cousins' 40 Days to Learn Film
Do you want to learn all there is to know about film during this quarantine? Then watch 40 Days to Learn Film! Mark Cousins, known for his series The Story of Film: An Odyssey (2011), gives a poetic and visual lecture on film with his characteristic whispering voice. For his new series Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (2019), Cousins ​​selected excerpts from the work of 183 female filmmakers. An extensive film programme with the films featured and this new series by Mark Cousins ​​will be on in Eye later this year.
Kijk-goed offers educational materials

Kijk-goed is a database of films that are suitable for film education. Each title indicates educational level, special film aspect, educational theme and teaching materials.

(Please note: this site and its materials are in Dutch.)

European Film Gateway: materials from 38 European film archives

European Film Gateway offers films, images and texts from the collections of 38 film archives from all over Europe.

Open Culture: 1150 free films online

Open Culture offers 1150 films online for free.

MUBI: 30-hand picked films per month

MUBI offers online streaming of a hand-curated selection of films.

Talking Shorts

Talking Shorts is dedicated to (you guessed it) short films.


Cinemember offers memorable arthouse films, either via a monthly subscription or payment per film.

Please note: the website is solely in Dutch, but English-language films are available.

De Filmkrant

Buy or rent films online via De Filmkrant.

Please note: the website is solely in Dutch, but English-language films are available.


Check out Cinetree for memorable arthouse films.

Please note: the website is solely in Dutch, but English-language films are available.