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Isabelle Huppert

Le monde d'Isabelle Huppert

Films, talks & events, 10 July through 28 August 2019

Intense and hypnotising, cool and on fire: this summer at Eye the spotlights are on actress Isabelle Huppert. In July and August Eye offers a tribute to the phenomenal French actress with a programme featuring more than thirty films, interviews, guests and Q&As. In addition to the retrospective, Eye distributes some of the highlights of her career to national film theatres: Les valseuses, La céremonie, La dentellière and La pianiste.

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i love isabelle huppert

During opening hours, the documentary I Love Isabelle Huppert (S. Bergouhnioux & J. Nizan, FR 2017, 58') can be watched in the cloakroom area for free.

  • La cérémonie (Claude Chabrol,1995)

  • Les valseuses (Bertrand Blier, 1974)

  • La dentellière (Claude Goretta, 1977)

  • La pianiste (Michael Haneke, 2001)

supporting programme

Next to over thirty films starring Huppert, the programme includes special shows and events, introductions, lectures, artist talks and Q&As. The main focus will be on Huppert’s collaboration with a wide range of filmmakers, her choice of films and roles and her acting style.

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